Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to Start Blogging Again

I have moved from Arivaca to Amado, AZ and I am slowly creating a small-scale, sustainable, permaculture-based homestead. I went through a culling process a couple of weeks ago and closed my Facebook account and shut down all of my other websites (except for Flickr and YouTube). I have not lost the desire to write and share, however, so I am going the simple Blogger route. I love all products Google and this feels right.

So stay tuned for all of my crazy thoughts and ideas and hare-brained schemes as I build this little farm and pursue a tiny life.


  1. You are a nut! This is the third bloggish thing I've tried to keep track of since I've known you. I can hardly keep up. In fact, I best go take a nap.....

  2. Chris, I just realized you were missing from my FB friends and checked with Teri as to what happened to you. I thought of you the other night when we were at a coffee bar, listening to some local musicians playing awesome bluegrass and some ecclectic stuff - very you. Wishing you the best. Don't be a stranger. You are always welcome here.