Thursday, November 26, 2009

Planning a Minimalist Christmas

I think one of the greatest benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle is that it helps you live a life with more meaning. When you have less stuff to worry about, you can spend more energy on what is more important. To me, a minimalist Christmas is not just about less stuff, it is about using your energy to focus on yourself and your relationships, the people in your life that are important to you. If you are spiritual, it about having time to focus on that.

My plans for this Christmas are to not buy any significant presents. My daughter Kasie will get a few little things in her stocking (like a lump of coal), but no big presents. Instead, I will give presents that give more of myself. Cooking special meals and treats that I know people like, taking time for conversation and listening deeply, spending time doing something they enjoy. Kasie likes to go places with me, so I will plan a little trip with her, perhaps a couple of days in Sedona and some hiking in the winter snow. I want to go for a walk with a few special friends, share a meal or even just tea together, and have a meaningful conversation where I listen more than talk.

I am sure my minimalist Christmas will also be the most meaningful.

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